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The BUMBLEance Megapush gets on the road today, Wednesday September 10th. Kerryman, Ice Explorer & adventurer Mike O’Shea from Dingle, recently visited Tony Heffernan (originally from Cork) in his family ...

Cooper Gives the BUMBLEance an Extra Shove We are delighted to announce that journalist, author, television presenter and radio presenter of The Last Word on Today FM, Matt Cooper has ...

Today see’s the launch of a spectacular and challenging fundraiser, the first of its kind to be undertaken in Ireland. Kerryman, Ice Explorer & adventurer Mike O’Shea from Dingle, recently ...

The Saoirse Foundation in partnership with a team of researchers led by Dr Honor Nicholl, School of Nursing and Midwifery at Trinity College Dublin is pleased to announce a forthcoming ...

Media Release                May 5th 2014. #LittleLiamo (5) Tragically Loses Battle Against Batten Disease. Little five year old (5) Liam Heffernan (#LittleLiamo) has peacefully passed away in the arms of ...

“You Will Never Walk Alone” is the message being sent across Ireland today as Liverpool Legend Jamie Carragher & his Charity “the 23 Foundation” team up with The Saoirse Foundation, ...

The BUMBLEance will facilitate scheduled hospital/ treatment visits for children that meet set medical criteria Dublin 6th September: BUMBLEance, the World’s 1st interactive children’s ambulance which was revealed today for ...

The Town of Killarney is buzzing with excitement this week with the announcement of the first full distance marathon to be held in the town on the 20th July 2013. ...

The National Children’s Charity, Bee For Battens, in partnership with Oslo GAA, Norway have entered into the history books of Croke Park, by having the charity’s distinctive bumble bee logo ...


Tony Heffernan
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Co. Kerry
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The Saoirse Foundation has a simple moto, everything we do must "MAKE POSITIVE LIFE IMPACTS FOR SICK CHILDREN"

To do this, we ensure we motivate our people, our board and the public & business communities so as create better awareness, while ensuring that over 92% of everything we raise goes to the cause.

About Us!

Following the diagnosis of their children, Saoirse & Liam with the Ultra Rare and fatal condition Batten's Disease, Tony and Mary Heffernan decided to set up the Saoirse Foundation / Bee For Battens initally to provide parents, families and all those affected by Battens Disease on the island of Ireland with a support, networking, and a credible source of information. The Charity also became a member of a new global initiative between Patient Support & Research organization's worldwide.

Now The Charity is building Liam's Lodge, Ireland’s first National Children's Respite Centre for children affected by rare diseases and genetic disorders and their families.

The centre will be built in the scenic location of Blennerville in County Kerry, on the outskirts of Tralee Town

Liam’s Lodge will provide full respite care services in custom built family units, where loved ones with rare and genetic disorders will be provided with the care they need, while the child’s parents and siblings are given the chance to get some much needed rest and family time.

The centre will provide families with a full week’s break with comprehensive care plans pre-agreed for each child, delivered by highly trained medical and care personnel.

With ten units or ‘homes away from homes’ in phase one, Liam’s Lodge will cater for 520 families each year initially. A further two phases of similar size will be added later, allowing Liam’s Lodge cater for over 1,560 families a year. 

Up to eight per cent of Irish people are affected by rare diseases. About 70 per cent are children, from which 30 per cent will die before reaching their fifth birthday. With potentially over 200,000 children affected by rare disease in Ireland, with no designated centre for rare and genetic disorders, until now!

The centre is also partnering with third level medical university & colleges to provide accredited training courses in Rare and genetic disorders.



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@Mushroomstuff any good links to identifying safe wild irish mushrooms?
BeeForBattens 21 Oct 20:47

Apology accepted @AVIVAIRELAND apologise unreservedly to @BeeForBattens for the insensitivity of the renewal message we sent today…."
BeeForBattens 20 Oct 17:26

@PatCarrollTouch lets hope so Pat, if only it had been a once off! @AVIVAIRELAND
BeeForBattens 20 Oct 14:35

I told @AVIVAIRELAND ages ago that our two kids had passed away fm #BattenDisease I now rec'd this 'thoughful text'
BeeForBattens 20 Oct 12:15

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RT @BeeForBattens I told @AVIVAIRELAND ages ago that our two kids had passed away fm #BattenDisease I now rec'd this 'thoughful text' http…
LiamsLodge 20 Oct 12:32

RT @BUMBLEance Delighted our friends @irlfunds came to visit #BUMBLEance today, lets hope this leads to a long lasting partnership http://…
LiamsLodge 10 Oct 14:28

RT @BUMBLEance We don't charge families for our services, we don't receive 1 cent in State support! Yet we deliver! #TextBUZZto50300 http:…
LiamsLodge 05 Oct 16:12

RT @BUMBLEance Help us #textFUND a new #BUMBLEance & you might be that 1 supporter rewarded with this #Merc #TextBUZZto50300 € 4 http://…
LiamsLodge 05 Oct 14:26

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RT @BeeForBattens I told @AVIVAIRELAND ages ago that our two kids had passed away fm #BattenDisease I now rec'd this 'thoughful text' http…
Saoirse_Fdn 20 Oct 12:32

Whoohoo @BumbleBox2014 just got an amazing email from @decollery with a clients fantastic €500 donation in aid of @BUMBLEance #bumblebox
Saoirse_Fdn 10 Oct 19:55

RT @BUMBLEance Delighted our friends @irlfunds came to visit #BUMBLEance today, lets hope this leads to a long lasting partnership http://…
Saoirse_Fdn 10 Oct 14:28

RT @BUMBLEance #BUMBLEance oh what fun! Young Josh from #Kildare onboard with us today! This is how we spend your donations!…
Saoirse_Fdn 09 Oct 17:58