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Irish Journalists, Media Changes, Media on the Move August 29, 2016

Media on the Move – Who’s Going Where?

We’re back again with Media on the Move, showing you the very latest updates to our database. Here’s a look at this week’s Media on the Move. Cliodhna Prendergast  Cliodhna has been added to the datatbase as a food columnist with The Sunday Times.  Twitter: @CliodhnaPrend Darragh Peter Murphy Darragh Peter has been added as a

Brand Storytelling, Branded Content, Branding August 29, 2016

How to get shoppers to buy into your retail brand

Shoppers are crafty folk and yes we they can easily drop a tidy sum, but they are also careful where to spend their precious pennies. Retail brands have to work hard to ensure that they are the first on our shopping list. Earning media coverage through PR is hugely effective in the retail game and Irish

Olympics, PR, PR Tips August 26, 2016

PR lessons from Ryan Lochte

Ireland’s Olympics weren’t the only ones marred by controversy. American swimmer Ryan Lochte got himself into quite the mess in Rio.  In case you missed it, Lochte claimed to have been held at gunpoint on a night out. It was then revealed that he’d actually been drinking with three other swimmers. At a petrol station a sign

Social Media Stories of the Week, Stories, Storytelling August 26, 2016

Most viewed story of the week

Happy Friday! We are back again with our most viewed story of the week.  This week’s most viewed story came from The Alzheimer Society of Ireland. The title of this story was “Ongoing Cuts To Home Supports Means People With Dementia Are Being Channelled Into Institutional Care”. The story was published on Wednesday, as The Alzheimer Society of

Communications, Content, Ireland August 26, 2016

PR Tools That Will Save You 23 Hours A Campaign

The public relations industry is constantly changing, even more so in the digital age. Social media is swiftly taking over the print media, and that is where the influencers have moved to. New media management tools appear daily, and old PR methods aren’t as effective as they once were. Whether you’re working in a PR agency

Blogs, Influence, Marketing August 25, 2016

Irish brands that are great at using Digital Influencers

Digital Influencers are essentially the stars of social media, like Instagram and Snapchat. When we see these people wearing something or doing something, we automatically think maybe I should try that too.  Brands from across the world have seen the opportunity to use these influencers to promote their business. Here’s a look at some great examples

Communications, Media Relations, Media Tips August 25, 2016

Why Media Training should be your next move

There has never been a more important time for companies and brands to have media training than now. Executives of all companies – from multi-million dollar corporations to SMEs – must tread carefully in the public eye, or they risk causing serious damage to not only themselves, but the company they represent. There are several

Campaign, Charity, Uncategorized August 24, 2016

Campaigners shaking the mental health stigma

When it comes to mental health, some people just don’t want to talk about it. There is a often a stigma related to mental health issues that leaves people silent.  Thankfully, there are several organisations in Ireland that do amazing work to shake this stigma. We take a look at some of the best.  See

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