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Press Release, Social Media, Social Media Stories of the Week July 29, 2016

Most viewed story of the week

Happy Friday! We are back again with our most viewed story of the week.  This week, our most viewed story came from the Iona Institute. The title of their story was “Proposal to reduce RE time another attack on denominational schools”.  The story was essentially a response to a proposal made by the National Council

Featured Journalist, Irish Journalists, Irish Radio July 28, 2016

Featured Journalist – Claire Byrne

Each week, MediaHQ shines a spotlight on one of the thousands of journalists listed in our database.  This week, following the JNLR figures released yesterday, we are shining our spotlight on one of Ireland’s most listened to presenters Claire Byrne.  Claire currently hosts Claire Byrne Live on RTÉ television as well as Saturday With Claire Byrne on RTÉ

Irish Journalists, Irish Radio, Radio July 28, 2016

JNLR July 2016 – Who gained and who lost listeners?

The Joint National Listenership Research results for the second quarter of 2016 were released yesterday, with some interesting results.  We take a look at who is gaining listeners and who is losing them in the world of Irish radio.  Radio itself was a huge winner, with the latest results showing daily radio listening is at

Branding, Marketing, PR July 26, 2016

Paddy Power – PR masters or complete messers?

Bookmakers Paddy Power have never been ones to hide from the limelight when it comes to promoting themselves.  Their campaigns are often controversial, sometimes landing them in hot water. But, they never fail to get people talking.  Here is a look at some of their work and you can decide for yourself if they are

PR, PR Tips, Press Release July 26, 2016

From bedtime to boardroom – Why your business needs a story

We are always being told what the next big thing is whether it’s like Netflix and becomes a hit or more like Google+ that is, let’s be honest, on the flop side. Industry folk seem to think stories are the next big thing, when in reality storytelling is not a new phenomenon, it’s a skill

Brand Storytelling, PR, PR Tips July 25, 2016

Brand Storytelling 101

If there’s one thing you always remember, it’s a great story.  A great story gets people feeling, thinking and talking. That’s why a great story can work wonders for your brand. Here is a look at how it’s done.  Microsoft is one of the worlds most recognisable and successful brands. The company’s Chief Storyteller is

Journalism, Media, Media on the Move July 25, 2016

Warning Changes Ahead – Media moves this week

Although it’s summer the Irish media are never ones to sit back and relax for long, they are constantly progressing and working their way up their career paths.   Take these changes as signs to update your media lists and pitch accordingly. Bill Malone has moved from RTÉ to TV3 and will take up the role as Director of

Blogs, Brand Storytelling, Facebook July 22, 2016

Then & Now – The world of PR

Change is inevitable, change is constant. The world of Public Relations is no exception to this rule.  Here is a look at some of the ways in which the world of PR has changed over the years.  Blogging  Companies no longer have to solely depend on reporters to get their story out, they can publish themselves

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