Connecting Simon Amstell

Humour, Twitter
March 6, 2012

If you’ve recently joined Twitter and found it tough to get into the swing of things, don’t fret – Simon Amstell is much worse at it than you are.

The UK presenter and comedian decided to take a very reluctant leap into cyberspace for his upcoming tour, ‘Numb’, but the technophobe is finding it difficult to get to grips with Twitter etiquette (and the internet in general).

With the help of friends like Jessicas Hynes and Cave, he is slowly being dragged into the world of social media and overcoming faux pas like not following his real life friends back. Despite his protests he’s now tweeting an average of three times a week.

Simon’s exploits are being documented by the Guardian and are worth a look if you like Twitter, British comedians, or both. Go to Project Amstell for video updates and @AmstellNumbTour for the end result.

Source: The Guardian