Linkedin follows Twitter and Facebook’s lead

March 6, 2012

Linkedin have now launched a new follow button for companies. It works in much the same way as its Twitter and Facebook counterparts (the latter being the ‘like’ button) and is a really simple way for Linkedin users to follow your company’s activities and for you to get more sales leads (and followers, of course).

Here’s how to install the Linkedin follow button:

1. Visit

2. Enter your company name or ID, or select your company from the dropdown menu that appears when you start typing.

3. Choose your button’s count mode preference, i.e how you want to display how many followers you have (no count is an option).

4. Click ‘Get Code’ and a code appears that you then need to copy and paste onto your website, blog, or wherever else you want it to appear.

Source: HubSpot