Nike puts a foot in it

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March 20, 2012

Nike have made arguably the biggest faux pas possible regarding their Irish customers. In the run-up to St. Patrick’s Day they launched two new shoes with an Irish theme; one called the Guinness, the other called the Black and Tan.

The company was lightning fast in pointing out that they were not referring to the paramilitary unit brought to Ireland to suppress revolutionary tendencies. Instead a Black and Tan refers to a popular US drink of a half pint of stout with a half pint of ale or lager. An image of the drink is pictured on the inside of the shoe.

They said the shoe was ‘unofficially named by some using a phrase that can be viewed as inappropriate and insensitive. We apologise. No offence was intended.’

It’s not the first time a US company has given a product this name; in 2006 Ben and Jerry’s released a Black and Tan ice-cream, also referring to the drink.

And no, the shoe will not be released in Ireland.

Source: The Irish Times