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Photo Acrylic Prints on FotoInsight new Print Service for Ireland

March 23, 2012 15:05 2370 views Category: Technology >

FotoInsight is launching today acrylic poster prints as an additional, high value decorative photo product on its new website for Ireland.



Dublin. Ireland 23.03.2012. - Acrylic Poster Prints are a trend swamping over from the world of advertising and art exhibitions to offices and living rooms. Acrylic Photo Glass Prints are often described  as "behind glass print". To achieve the highest print resolution, FotoInsight produces the image on real photographic paper and secures it with a special, completely transparent adhesive to a sheet of acrylic glass. FotoInsight’s new acrylic posters do without metal knobs that are needed in less developed acrylic print processes to hold the acrylic glass and print together. As light passes through the side of the acrylic it illuminates the image, giving it additional depth and colour brilliance. This turns digital photographs into highly decorative posters in no time.

Acrylic Poster PrintThe standard of digital cameras has improved considerably. Many have good lenses, high resolution and accurate reproduction of the colours in photographs. Who shoots great pictures wants to print some of them to decorate a home or office. Bright colors, high resolution and depth effect are the ideal components for decorative, large poster prints from digital images. These characteristics are combined in the new acrylic picture prints from FotoInsight. The new acryl print enlargements feature brilliant colours and produce a certain plasticity. The thick acrylic plate adds a great quality impression. Users will welcome the fact that the acrylic photos are easy to clean and long lasting. FotoInsight describes the acrylic material used as "top spec Polymethylmethacrylate with a minimum thickness of 5 mm, which offers a higher scratch resistance than other acrylic products."


FotoInsight’s Managing Director Klaas Brumann talking about the new acrylic print: "Our new posters behind acrylic glass offer greater dimensional stability, UV resistance and durability. Our acrylic posters are not only stronger but also more resilient." The Premium version available from size 40x60 cm is 1 cm thick. This gives it more visual depth than other plexy-glass prints currently on the market.


According to the Marketing Director of FotoInsight the material is characterized by its rigidity and shatter-resistance, eliminating any fraying of the edges and distortion that could otherwise be caused by storage and temperature fluctuations. Sunlight and moist wipes leave the photo prints unaffected. Prints on acrylic glass are particularly suitable for collages and digital pictures with vibrant colours. The acrylic sheet helps to increase the effect of depth in pictures.  The quality processing suits its use in photographic exhibitions and due to its excellent visual appeal, it is used in prestigious art galleries and exhibitions around the world.



Product information

Material: Photographic paper poster behind 5 mm or 10 mm thick acrylic glass.

The sizes 20x30 cm (11.8"x7.9") and 30x45 cm (15.7"x11.8") use 0.5 cm strong acryl. The premium formats 40x60 cm (23.6"x15.7") and 50x75 cm (29.5"x19.7") come with a 1 cm strong sheet of acrylyl.

Turn around time: about 7 working days.


FotoInsight Acrylic Prints:



About FotoInsight Limited

FotoInsight Limited was founded in 2003 and runs an easy to use digital photo processing service for Windows, Mac OS and Linux users, offering an extensive array of award-winning photographic print and photo gifts as well as the photo books, photo poster and photos on canvas printing. Prints ordered through FotoInsight are developed at five state of the art photo labs in four countries. The online photo service has grown year on year faster than the photo processing industry and has expanded its services in seven European languages in 32 countries.



Contact information

FotoInsight Ltd.

E-Mail: pr (at)



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