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November 17, 2011 11:09 4622 views Category: Entertainment > Television & Film



(17 November 2011) Singer Brian Kennedy is being hotly tipped to cook up a storm in the kitchen. The Belfast man is the 9/4 favourite with Paddy Power to win the first ever Irish series of Celebrity Come Dine With Me.

Filming of the popular cooking show has already begun and will be broadcast on Irish TV next month. The four celebrities joining Brian Kennedy in putting on an apron for charity are Mr Showbiz and Daily Mirror Editor Paul Martin at 11/4, former Miss Universe Ireland and Tipperary native Rozanna Purcell at 10/3, TV3’s Noel Cunningham also at 10/3 and actor George McMahon at 7/2.

The winning celebrity will not only get to show off their culinary skills but they’ll also win €1,000 for their chosen charity.

Sharon McHugh, spokesperson for Paddy Power said: “If there’s one ingredient this bunch of celebrities aren’t short of it’s ego! There’ll be plenty of sparks flying and lots of heat in the kitchen when this mixed bag of personalities go head to head in the kitchen!”

Paddy Power are also quoting odds on which of the celebs will get the lowest score. Former Fair City actor George McMahon is the 5/2 favourite to finish last followed further down the list by Noel Cunningham at 3/1.

And for those who love a bit of drama, there are 4/1 odds available that one of the celebrities will spot a hair in their food and 12/1 that someone will get a dose of food poisoning!

Who will win Celebrity Come Dine With Me Ireland?
 9/4     Brian Kennedy
11/4     Paul Martin
10/3     Rozanna Purcell
10/3     Noel Cunningham
 7/2     George McMahon
Who will get the lowest score?
 5/2     George McMahon
11/4     Rozanna Purcell
 3/1     Noel Cunningham
 3/1     Paul Martin
 9/2     Brian Kennedy
 1/3     Paul Martin to do the moonwalk during his MJ themed dinner
 7/2     Rozanna to cry
 4/1     Any of the guests to find a hair in their food
12/1     Any of the guests to get food poisoning


For more information please contact:

Sharon McHugh – 00353 87 922 4143 / 00353 1 488 1716 /


adbirkett 6 January 2012

WELL DONE PAUL MARTIN!, totally agree with what went down, I felt Paul was very honest in his summing up of the week and offered brian the olive branch on the final night, but no, mr big head was too important to succumb to such advances! so it was time to tell the truth. . . . . . BRIAN KENNEDY CAN NOT WRITE SONGS!.He maybe a singer of other people s songs,if he s luckey!. Well done Paul for exposing the EGO of brian kennedy, What a PRAT! Message in a box is and always was a pile of shi..... rubbish! musician. AD

Clodagh 7 January 2012

I wish George McMahon won. I really like him. ;)

Evelyn Cronin 7 January 2012

I don't care who you are, is nice to be nice, I don't get, how some people can be so direct and hurtfull, tawards there fellow man.Is life not tough enough without people slagging each other off !!!

TWITTER @paddypower

No idea what that penalty was for, by the way.
paddypower 05 Sep 17:14

Rooney scores! He equals Bobby Charlton's record!
paddypower 05 Sep 17:14

Penalty to England!
paddypower 05 Sep 17:13

Signs are pointing at a cracker at Croker already! Two points apiece. Latest odds here: #GAA
paddypower 05 Sep 17:11