Irish brands that are great at using Digital Influencers

Marketing, Social Media
August 25, 2016
by Conor Hawkins

Digital Influencers are essentially the stars of social media, like Instagram and Snapchat. When we see these people wearing something or doing something, we automatically think maybe I should try that too. 

Brands from across the world have seen the opportunity to use these influencers to promote their business. Here’s a look at some great examples from Ireland.

Amara Clinic

The team over at Amara Clinic are not only up to date with all the latest beauty trends but also with all the latest Social Media and PR trends.

They have an informative blog answering all health and beauty questions and are also super on social media. They also have digital influencers flocking to their clinic.

They have all the best bloggers and key social media personalities getting treatments on sharing their experience through Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook you name it.


The Body Shop

Just like Amara, The Body Shop know what they’re doing.

Their website contains a blog packed with information on skincare, beauty and health.

The Body Shop have influencers like former Miss World Rosanna Davison giving them shoutouts on Snapchat.

While using Twitter to share information about their products and latest blog posts, they also use it to share Images of digital influencers using their products.

Promotion everywhere!


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Cocoa Brown 

Cocoa Brown are true masters of using digital influencers.

The company was set up by Marissa Carter, who herself is one of Ireland’s most popular snapchatters. But she isn’t the only one who uses social media to promote the brand.

Irish model Rosie Connolly has promoted Cocoa Brown products on her Instagram page, where she has over 100,000 followers. But, Cocoa Brown’s biggest social media promotion came from none other than Kylie Jenner.




VITHIT’s drinks are extremely healthy and an ideal post workout drink.

So, how do they promote their product? You guessed it, by using one of Ireland’s biggest digital influencers, Holly Carpenter.

And just incase you were wondering if this method of marketing actually works…

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