Blogger Corner – Take a trip with Where is Tara?

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October 25, 2016
by Alex Sheehan

Blogger Corner is back, and this week we’re chatting to travel blogger Tara Povey.

Where is Tara? details Tara’s travels around the globe, from Fermanagh to The Philippines.

From weekends away to lengthy adventures audiences are spending more and more time online researching before take off on their travels. Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube as well as good old Google are all fountains of knowledge with everything from where to stay, what to eat, and how to spend your time.

With this in mind, it’s pretty obvious why travel bloggers are becoming ever-popular. Brands such as SONY, TomTom, Hawaiian Airlines and several tourism boards and travel companies have already collaborated with Tara.

So Tara, why did you decide to start up a blog?

Originally it was purely to keep my friends and family posted on what I was up to on my travels. I’ve always loved travel and writing but I never thought that it was possible to turn it into a business. I’m glad I was wrong.

Who would be your main audience?

According to my analytics and social media insights my biggest demographic, at 35%, is 25 – 34 yrs old. However, this is closely followed by 18-24yrs and 35-44yrs. 70% of my audience are female.


What are their interests?

They love travel, food, shopping, tech, movies, photography and arts.

Could you give some examples of your most popular posts?
My most popular posts usually have a lot of my personality in them. For example;

Irish Phrases That Don’t Translate

How I afford to Travel-1 Girl, 1 Year, 16 Countries”,

Secret Tips for Flying Ryanair

Harry Potter Studio World”.

How often do you write articles?

I TRY to do one a week, but I have no set routine or schedule. Sometimes I’ll do more, sometimes I’ll do less. It’s hard to write posts when I’m away on a trip. I do social media on trips and then write when I get home.

What are the three pieces of tech that you couldn’t work without?

I can’t travel without my phone, laptop, and waterproof camera.

What is your preferred social media to use to promote your blog?

I LOVE Instagram but it’s not great for traffic. Pinterest is the single most effective social media platform for bringing constant traffic to a website. It and Google are my main sources of traffic.

Do you collaborate with brands?

Yes, if the brand suits my website and has something to offer my audience. I have worked with some amazing brands such as SONY, TomTom, Hawaiian Airlines and several tourism boards/ travel companies. Honestly, most of my work is organised via London/UK PR companies as Ireland is really only beginning to recognise the influence, reach and value of bloggers.


If yes, in what way do you collaborate with brands?

I have collaborated with brands on give-aways, sponsored posts, promotional videos, social media take overs, features on social media accounts, review posts, content-writing for their website and more.

I’m always excited to try new ways of collaborating with brands. I place a product, service or destination (that I personally believe in) in front of my audience in exchange for payment/trips etc. I love to be involved in unique and fun projects and maintain professional relationships as my website evolves and grows.

Can you give some advice for brands looking to work with you?

Say hello; contact me via email and introduce yourself. I’m pretty friendly! I like to meet face-to-face when I can. I’m always happy to meet for a coffee and a chat about possible projects when I’m in Dublin.

If you’re not sure how to work with bloggers or what we do, just ask me. I’d be delighted to chat about how we could work together. Finally, please value my services – I know my own worth and the value of my audience. There’s nothing bloggers hate more than being asked to work for free.

See Tara’s blog here. 

You can now contact Tara and travel bloggers like her through the MediaHQ database, with Irish bloggers getting their own profiles and pitching tips, similar to the 8,000 journalists on the database.

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