How to: Write Press Release Headlines – eBook

Press releases are still one of the main ways the media generate news, but when a journalist is receiving over 200 press releases a day it can be hard to get yours to stand out. 

We know that sending a press release can be a daunting task. While the copy is critically important in getting your story covered, you first need to grab the journalist’s attention. That’s why your headline needs to shine.

Since our beginnings, MediaHQ has helped send over 185,000 press releases to every journalist in the country, helping shape the Irish news agenda on a daily basis across radio, TV and print. Having seen that many stories (and headlines!) we know what works and what doesn’t.

We decided to share our top tips for writing headlines people will actually want to read in our latest eBook.

To download a free copy, click here.

Now that you’ve written your perfect headline, it’s time for your press release to make the news. Our MediaHQ press release distribution database holds over 6,000 media contacts. Click here for more information or call Gaye on (01) 2541845