How to write a press release – MediaHQ eBook

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February 19, 2019
by Anna Henderson

When carrying out Media Relations, press releases are still one of the main ways the media generate news. As a Communications/PR Pro your objective is to get your message to appear in the media unchanged. For this to happen, your press release must read the same way as a news story.

It might seem obvious, but it is a skill that has to be mastered. Since our beginnings, nearly 200,000 individual stories have been sent through our system to every journalist in Ireland so we have seen the good, the bad and the ugly.

We know that sending a press release can be a daunting task. Where to start? What to say? How to say it? How do I format it?

Fret no more. We have gathered all we know about press releases and have given you a simple, but effective, framework for writing releases.

We cover the basics like headlines, what comes first within your story, what is ‘newsworthy’ and essential housekeeping tips and tricks.

In the eBook, we share some of the things we have learned through clients like Fáilte Ireland, daa, Irish Heart Foundation and Revenue.

There is a science behind a great press release and for your benefit, we have compiled a step by step guide to building your press release as well as a housekeeping cheat sheet into one single document.

We hope this guide helps you earn the media coverage you deserve.

You can download your free eBook here!