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Events, Journalism, Media Relations May 3, 2019

World Press Freedom Day – a history

World Press Freedom Day takes place on May 3 and aims to promote freedom of press while commemorating those journalists who have lost their lives due to violent attacks through their involvement with the media. Created by the UN, its objective is to raise awareness of the fundamental human rights to free self-expression and access

Creativity,, World events April 2, 2019

International Children’s Book Day

International Children’s Book Day is celebrated worldwide to inspire a love of reading and to honour children’s literature. In recognition of this day, our team here at MediaHQ have compiled a list of our favourite books we enjoyed as children and hope not to be forgotten in years to come. Many have even proved popular

Communications, Storytelling, World events March 15, 2019

Irish American Month: lessons from top Irish American communicators

“I’m Irish” We’ve all heard it, whether from a Carroll’s bag toting tourist with a thick American accent or from that distant cousin you once met on a trip to Boston, we’ve become well used to this proclamation of Irishness. And it’s no surprise when you consider that almost 1 in 10 Americans claim Irish

Communications, Events, Media June 14, 2018

3 Awesome Occasions for a Press Release

Summer is here and silly season is on the horizon. This means journalists are just waiting for some fantastic press releases to land in their inbox to relieve them of their story slump. This is a golden opportunity for PR pros with fantastic story hooks to come to the rescue. With less going on in

Journalism, Media, Politics September 8, 2016

Why PR in the US Presidential race comes up Trump

A good PR strategy is key when it comes to politics, it’s vital to get media attention to try and sway the public’s opinion, and sure, advertising can get you out there but earned media attention is so much more powerful. Although the POTUS chase seems to be neck and neck, the latest poll has

Changes, Content, Events April 7, 2016

World Health Day – 3 key health correspondents

This year’s World Health Day is dedicated to raising awareness and halting the spread of diabetes. The World Health Organisation, who have just released a Global Report on Diabetes explaining how to scale up the prevention and treatment of the disease, have been using ‘superhero-esque’ campaign visuals to raise awareness.

Broadcasting, Changes, Content September 21, 2015

Ireland V Canada match brings in whopping figures for TV3

Saturday’s Ireland v Canada rugby world cup, raked in more than one million viewers for Irish television station TV3. The match itself brought in an average of 586,000 viewers and even managed to reach a high of nearly three quarters of a million as the game drew to a finish. In terms of viewership figures,

Content, Digital News, Events September 10, 2015

Trending on Twitter: #LetsgoOrange

Tonight several designated buildings and homes all across the country will be lit up in orange to show solidarity with those suffering from a mental illness. The event, organized by Cycle Against Suicide, takes place within the broader context of World Suicide Prevention Day and seeks to ‘break the cycle’ by raising awareness. Buildings like NUI

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