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PR’s of the Week - 21/10

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Every week, we post the best covered stories that were sent through MediaHQ’s press release distribution tool. This week the CCPC, Murray Consultants and Concern Worldwide made it to the top of our list.


Title: CCPC and the GAA warn consumers of dangers of unsafe helmets.

Author: Michelle Lynch

Email delivery rate: 100%

Time of release: 07:03 on 17/10/2022

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**Spokesperson available for interview upon request**



  • CCPC and the GAA offer consumer safety guidance around purchasing of GAA helmets
  • Unsafe GAA helmets may increase risk of serious injury
  • Advice is to purchase GAA helmets from a trusted and reputable source 

17 October 2022: The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) and the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) are warning consumers of the risks of unsafe GAA helmets.   The warning comes as the CCPC publish guidance for consumers highlighting the key safety tips to be aware of when buying a GAA helmet.

Pat Kenny, Member of the CCPC Commission, said: “We are delighted to partner with the GAA to raise awareness of the risks of unsafe GAA helmets. Wearing an unsafe GAA helmet can mean a serious risk of injury if a player is hit by a hurl or sliotar. We strongly advise consumers to purchase their helmets from a reputable retailer, avoid buying from businesses based outside of the EU, and be wary of buying from an online marketplace or social media platform. Ensure your helmet has a CE mark and if you have any product safety concerns about a helmet you have purchased, make a report to the CCPC.” 

Jim Bolger, Chair of the GAA/Camogie Association Helmet Workgroup, said: “The GAA have made it mandatory and the responsibility of each individual player to wear a helmet with a facial guard that meets the required safety standards. We are partnering with the CCPC to reiterate the message to players and consumers to purchase a helmet that meets the GAA’s requirements and will protect players from facial or eye injury. It’s particularly important that players also avoid altering a helmet in any way after they have bought it. Players and parents can find detailed information on helmet safety requirements on our website at”

To lower the risk of a serious accident such as concussion, facial or eye injury, the CCPC and the GAA advise consumers to be aware of the following safety checks when purchasing a helmet:

  • ASSEMBLED HELMET: A safe helmet should arrive already assembled. You should not need to attach a faceguard
  • CE MARK: If there is no CE mark, don’t buy it. Also look out for any signs of poor quality, such as misspellings on the branding
  • OBVIOUS DANGERS: Watch out for sharp edges, sharp points, rough surfaces, or protruding screws. Do not wear your helmet if you find any of these dangers
  • MODIFICATION: Do not modify your helmet in any way after you buy it. Do not cut a hole in, or remove, the faceguard

The CCPC and the GAA encourage consumers to download the consumer guidance on helmet safety here for full details of the associated safety risks of wearing an unsafe helmet, as well as information on what to do next if they suspect they have purchased an unsafe helmet.

Where a consumer would like additional information on buying a safe helmet, they are advised to visit our website for further information. 

For consumers who have safety concerns about a helmet they’ve already purchased, the CCPC advises them to stop using the product immediately and to contact our consumer helpline on 01 402 5555 and to contact the manufacturer or retailer with details of any faults or issues.


2) Murray Consultants

Title: 550 new homes planned as Land Development Agency launches vision for Digital Hub site.

Author: Jo Lonergan 

Email delivery rate: 98%

Time of release: 07:43 on 17/10/2022

Coverage examples: 

550 new homes planned as Land Development Agency launches vision for Digital Hub site 

  • Masterplan to be completed Q1 2023 following extensive public consultation
  • Development will deliver affordable housing and community facilities
  • Pear Tree Crossing project expected to be delivered on phased basis from 2024

The Land Development Agency (LDA) has today launched a draft masterplan and next phase consultation process on its plans for the development of the Digital Hub Campus in Dublin 8. The consultation provides an overview of the Draft proposals for the area, and how the LDA aims to deliver on the vision for the affordable housing-led regeneration of this unique and distinctive 3.7 -hectare site which will also include a vibrant mix of commercial, cultural, and community facilities.

Pear Tree Crossing is the working title the LDA has given to this project, alluding to the pear tree – said to be the oldest fruit bearing tree in Ireland - that sits on the existing site adjacent to the famous St Patrick’s Tower, the oldest standing Smock Windmill in Europe. 

The Digital Hub lands have been identified for transfer to the LDA, as part of the Government’s Housing for All strategy, from the Digital Hub Development Agency (DHDA). This draft masterplan is the next step in the transition, demonstrating the proposals for the regeneration and phased redevelopment of these lands which provide an exceptional opportunity for the LDA to contribute to the development of The Liberties and to transform this currently underutilised area into a new, sustainable urban community with a distinctive identity.

The draft masterplan sets a framework that is the first step in the development of new homes, providing for new neighbourhood plots around a series of urban spaces, incorporating approximately 550 new homes. This will largely be made up of new build and multi-generational affordable and social housing, including the re-use of upper floors of existing structures for residential purposes. The masterplan includes the refurbishment and adaptive re-use of the buildings on Thomas Street to provide for mixed uses at ground floor level with residential use on the upper floors, refurbishment of St Patrick’s Tower for cultural / community uses, re-use of the Watling Warehouse to provide residential homes and, public realm works including public spaces and additional pedestrian and cycling routes. 

The proposals are designed to respect the site’s heritage and its unique connection to the local community as well as providing for affordable and social housing, with commercial and community facilities that will support achieving a high quality of life. This will all be done in a way that will deliver enhanced public spaces and biodiversity, and a walkable neighbourhood, opening new linkage points into Dublin 8.

The LDA’s vision for the site is based on three key themes:

  • Identity: a development that respects the site’s heritage, that serves the people living and working in it, and delivers new uses drawn from the needs of the local area.
  • Living: a development that will deliver affordable and sustainable housing that is people-centred in its design, with inclusive public spaces for old and young.
  • Unlocking: an approach that will deliver enhanced green spaces and biodiversity, with a focus on public transport links and creating a walkable neighbourhood.

The Masterplan will be finalised in early 2023 following this period of consultation and engagement, and this will provide details in terms of quantum and phasing. The LDA’s intention is to submit an initial planning application later in 2023, following this public consultation process. 

Phased delivery is expected to place from 2024.The DHDA continues to provide a range of services on the existing DHDA Campus including attractive workspace and services to entrepreneurial and creative companies as well as their community and social programmes until at least 2025. 

John Coleman CEO of LDA stated: 

“The LDA is delighted to bring forward this important draft masterplan for the lands at Digital Hub for public consultation. We believe this will catalyse the transformation of a mostly vacant heritage district into a vibrant new sustainable community. Pear Tree Crossing will provide an exceptional opportunity to enhance the Liberties and contribute to the transformation of this currently under-utilised area. We look forward to continuing to work with our partners, stakeholders and the local community as we work towards an exciting new chapter in the heart of Dublin city”

Dearbhla Lawson, Head of Strategic Planning at the LDA said:

“The LDA aims to regenerate these lands in a way that will respect the site’s distinctiveness, heritage, and its unique connection to the local community. The draft masterplan provides new affordable and social housing underpinned by strong sustainability, community-oriented values, new connections to improve permeability while respecting the heritage of the historic area. 

We look forward to meeting with and hearing from our partners, key stakeholders, and the local community over the coming weeks regarding the draft proposals. Further information is available at”  

Community groups and stakeholders are encouraged to find out more about the LDA’s plans and share their own thoughts via the dedicated website The LDA will be running a drop in workshop space at iD8 Studio in the Digital Hub during October, holding meetings with local stakeholders and our communications channel will be open to receive feedback and submissions: Email Ph: 01 4101247 


3) Concern

Title: Kerry Group partners with Concern Worldwide to Support Kenyan Farmers 

Author: Eamon Timmons 

Email delivery rate: 98.5%

Time of release: 12:31 on 14/10/2022

Coverage examples: 

With images being sent to Picture Desk by Maxwell Photography


Kerry Group partners with Concern Worldwide to Support Kenyan Farmers 

Kerry Group, the world’s leading taste and nutrition company, and Irish humanitarian organisation Concern Worldwide today announced a four-year partnership that aims to improve the lives of 46,000 Kenyans by providing access to climate-smart agricultural practices. 

They will collaborate to improve  food security, boost household income and reduce malnutrition levels in the Tana River region by training farmers, as well as providing access to climate resilient seeds and opening new areas for agricultural production and irrigation. 

Many of the Tana River farmers are reliant on livestock farming, but climate change has led to water insecurity and pasture deterioration, causing death and declines in livestock productivity, thereby wiping household income and food security.  

Concern has identified an opportunity to tackle these challenges in the Tana River, which has 200,000 mango trees growing along its banks. With financial support from Kerry, and using river water for irrigation, the Agricultural Livelihoods Improving Value Chains and the Environment (ALIVE) project will create a regional value chain for mango production to benefit female growers, creating a new income stream for their families.   

Participants will receive training on post-harvest handling, support for mango processing at community level and the introduction of post-harvest processing machines. Importantly, mango production is more resilient to the impact of climate change and harnesses the resources of the Tana River, which is susceptible to flooding. 

Commenting on the partnership, Concern’s Director of International Programmes, Carol Morgan said: “Climate change is having a devastating impact on the region, with the loss of pasturelands and the reduction in water supplies. Many households in Tana River depend on this traditional way of livestock rearing, but we are seeing that the full potential of the mango crop is untapped. This is an opportunity to further positively impact the lives of farming communities at the sharp end of climate change - incorporating factors such as skills training, access to capital, markets, employment and improving health and nutrition levels. 

Catherine Keogh, Chief Corporate Affairs and Brand Officer of Kerry added: "By removing barriers to progress, we aim to improve the lives of local farmers and their families. The focus on climate-smart solutions and health and nutrition support will create long term value and support some of those most affected by hunger and malnutrition. This World Food Day (October 16), we are reminded of our responsibility to deliver sustainable nutrition across the globe and we are extremely proud to partner with Concern once again to devise innovative solutions to help make Zero Hunger a reality.”   

In addition, farmers will be empowered to interact with markets, with an aim to improve household incomes by 20% annually, forming farmer-producer cooperatives and establishing relationships with regional processors and traders. Many farmers are not organised in any form of cooperative and they rely on local traders and handling agents - as a result they get low farm gate prices for their produce. 

The project also targets malnutrition among children aged under-five and mothers in the community, which will see the scaling up of health and malnutrition screening and improving health and nutrition knowledge and care practices. 

The ALIVE project builds on a partnership between Concern and the Kerry Group which spans over 12 years and has positively impacted on the lives of thousands of people in Niger, Zambia and Kenya. 


About Kerry

Kerry is the world's leading taste and nutrition partner for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical markets. We innovate with our customers to create great tasting products, with improved nutrition and functionality, while ensuring better impact for the planet. Our leading consumer insights, global RD&A team of 1,100+ food scientists and extensive global footprint enable us to solve our customers' complex challenges with differentiated solutions. At Kerry, we are driven to be our customers' most valued partner, creating a world of sustainable nutrition, and to reach over 2 billion consumers with sustainable nutrition solutions by 2030. 

About Concern Worldwide

Concern Worldwide is Ireland’s largest overseas development organisation. It currently works in 25 of the world’s poorest countries and last year helped 39 million people. Concern’s  vision, mission and work are all defined by one goal – ending extreme poverty, whatever it takes. We strive  for a world free from poverty, fear and oppression. Concern delivers life-saving and life-changing interventions to the world's poorest and most vulnerable people. From rapid emergency response to innovative development programming, our teams go to the hardest to reach places to make sure that no-one is left behind.

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