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PR’s of the Week - 06/01/2023

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Every week we take a look at the stories sent through MediaHQ’s press release distribution tool and post the best covered ones in a weekly blog. For this week, SIMI, Acquired Brain Injury, Media Consult and the Department of Transport made it to the top of our list.


Title: 2022 New car registrations marginally ahead; 81% uplift in Electric Vehicles

Author: Teresa Noone

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Time of release: 12:37 on 3rd January 2023

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03. 01. 2023


2022 New Car Registrations marginally ahead; 81% uplift in Electric Vehicles

  • 105,253 new cars registered in 2022 compared to 104,932 for the same period in 2021 (-0.3%) and 117,109 in 2019 (-10.1%).
  • 15,678 new electric cars registered in 2022 comparison to 8,646 on the same period 2021 (+81.3%) and 3,444 in 2019 (+355.2%).

The Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI) today released their official new vehicle registrations statistics for 2022. 

Total new car registrations for 2022, finished at 105,253 +0.3% on 2021 (104,932) and down 10.1% on 2019 (117,109).    

New Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) registrations in 2022 saw a decrease of 17.7% (23,653) compared to 2021 (28,742) and -6.6% 2019 (25,336). While New Heavy Commercial Vehicle registrations (HGV) saw a decrease of 8.1% (2,494) in comparison to 2021 (2,715) and -6.2% on 2019 (2,659).

Imported Used Cars saw 46,490 registrations in 2022, a decrease of 26.9% on 2021 (63,617) and a decrease of 59.2% on 2019 (113,926).

A total of 15,678 new electric cars were registered in 2022, an increase on the 8,646 registrations seen in 2021 and 3,444 in 2019. 

The stats reflect a changing marketplace in 2022. Petrol accounted for 30.16%, Diesel 26.77%, Hybrid 19.29%, Electric 14.90%, and Plug-In Hybrid 6.76%. Petrol remains the most popular engine type for 2022, despite a decline in its market share last year (32.16%) while hybrid, electric and plug-in hybrid continued to gain market share in 2022 and now account for 41% of the market.  

Automatic transmissions have taken over in popularity, now accounting for (56.99%) of market share, while manual transmissions have declined (42.95%). 

The hatchback continues to remain Ireland’s top selling car body type of 2022. While grey is the top selling colour and has continued to keep that title now for the past seven years.

Brian Cooke, SIMI Director General commenting: 

“Total new car registrations for 2022 were marginally ahead of 2021 but remain 10% behind that of 2019 (pre-Covid levels). Despite the re-opening of the economy and strong economic growth, 2022 was another challenging year for the Irish Motor Industry, with new car sales as well as commercial vehicles being impacted by supply constraints. On a more positive note, the electric car segment continues to grow strongly with 15,678 new electric cars registered in 2022, an increase of 81% on 2021. Looking forward to the new 231 registration period, retailers are reporting strong new car orders, which will also attract vital trade-ins for the used car market. Like the last two years, we again are expecting further growth in electric vehicles sales this year, however the extent of this growth will be determined not only by supply but also Government support in the EV project, both in terms of extending the current EV grant support and supporting investment in the national charging infrastructure. The combination of Government support and Industry investment is essential if we want to create an active used EV market in as short a timeframe as possible. We have a huge challenge in reaching emission reduction targets over the next decade and this can only be achieved with the right economic and taxation environment that support the sale of new low and zero emissions vehicles.”


Notes to Editor              

To present a more accurate picture of the new vehicle registrations in 2022, it is important to compare registrations totals with the same period in 2019 (pre-COVID) when businesses were operational.

Visit https://stats.beepbeep.ie/ for full stats info


Download here Headshot Brian Cooke Director General SIMI

Download here SIMI Logo

2022 Total New Vehicle Stats

• New Car sales total year to date (2022) 105,253 v (2021) 104,932 +0.3%

• New Car sales total year to date (2022) 105,253 v (2019) 117,109 -10.1%

• New Car sales total December (2022) 209 v (2021) 387 -46.0% 

• New Car sales total December (2022) 209 v (2019) 224 -6.7%

• Light Commercial Vehicles sales year to date (2022) 23,653 v (2021) 28,742 -17.7%

• Light Commercial Vehicles sales year to date (2022) 23,653 v (2019) 25,336 -6.6%

• Light Commercial Vehicles sales total December (2022) 347 v (2021) 314 +10.5%

• Light Commercial Vehicles sales total December (2022) 347 v (2019) 175 +98.3%

• Heavy Goods Vehicle total sales year to date (2022) 2,494 v (2021) 2,715 -8.1%

• Heavy Goods Vehicle total sales year to date (2022) 2,494 v (2019) 2,659 -6.2%

• Heavy Goods Vehicle total sales December (2022) 66 v (2021) 53 +24.5%

• Heavy Goods Vehicle total sales December (2022) 66 v (2019) 49 +34.7%

• Used Car Imports total year to date (2022) 46,490 v (2021) 63,617 -26.9%

• Used Car Imports total year to date (2022) 46,490 v (2019) 113,926 -59.2%

• Used Car Imports total December (2022) 2,443 v (2021) 3,633 -32.8%

• Used Car Imports total December (2022) 2,443 v (2019) 10,026 -75.6%

• New Electric Vehicles sales total year to date (2022) 15,678 v (2021) 8,646 +81.3%

• New Electric Vehicles sales total year to date (2022) 15,678  v (2019) 3,444 +355.2%

• New Electric Vehicles sales December (2022) 88 v (2021) 118 -25.4%

• New Electric Vehicles sales December (2022) 88 v (2019) 31 +183.9%

• 5 Top Selling New Car Brands 2022 were: 1. TOYOTA, 2. HYUNDAI, 3.VOLKSWAGEN, 4.KIA, 5.SKODA 

• 5 Top car model’s year 2022 were 1.HYUNDAI TUCSON, 2.TOYOTA COROLLA, 3.KIA SPORTAGE, 4.TOYOTA C-HR, 5. VOLKSWAGEN ID.4

• 5 Top Selling Electric Vehicles (EVs) 2022: 1. VOLKSWAGEN ID.4, 2. HYUNDAI IONIQ 5, 3.TESLA MODEL 3, 4. KIA EV 6, 5.VOLKSWAGEN ID.3

• Top Selling Car 2022: HYUNDAI TUCSON

• 3 Top Selling Car Colours 2022: 1.Grey 2.Black 3.Blue

• Top New Car Body Type: Hatchback

• 2022 % Share of Cars by Transmission Type: Automatic 56.99% Manual 42.95% 

• Market share by engine type 2022: Petrol 30.16% Diesel 26.77% Hybrid 19.29%, Electric 14.90%, Plug-in Hybrid 6.76%

• Tables below shows total new car registrations by county for 2022 (January-December) and new Electric car registrations by county

Click Here to download pdf

Click here to download pdf

For further information: Teresa Noone, SIMI, Tel: 087 792 8844 or 01 6761690 Email tnoone@simi.ie 


2)Acquired Brain Injury 

Title: Walk 150,000 steps for Brain Injury Survivors this January with Football Legend Paul Mcgrath 

Author: Aoife Lucey 

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Time of release: 09:15AM on 5th January 2023

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Make a Resolution to Rebuild Lives this January 


Step Up with Football Legend Paul McGrath and Walk 150,000 Steps for

Acquired Brain Injury Ireland


Registration open now: www.abiireland.ie



Thursday 5th January 2023: This month, Acquired Brain Injury Ireland invites you to make a New Year’s Resolution that will make a life-changing difference to thousands of individuals and families across the country. As part of its annual Step Up for Brain Injury campaign, the organisation is seeking participants to walk 150,000 steps between January 1st and 31st, to raise vital funds for those impacted by acquired brain injury.


Football legend Paul McGrath will take on the challenge and encourages others to ‘Step Up’ in solidarity with brain injury survivors:


"19,000 people in Ireland acquire a brain injury every year – people of all ages whose lives are turned upside down overnight and who need the right support, at the right time to get things back on track. ‘Stepping Up for Brain Injury’ is a chance to get out and get active in the new year, but more importantly it’s a chance to make a real difference to the future of survivors and their families. This is the third year I’ve ‘Stepped Up’ for Acquired Brain Injury Ireland and I want 2023 to be the most successful yet. So, get involved, register to take part, and join me on the journey to 150,000 steps in January.”


Paul will be sharing his journey across social media throughout the month and invites all participants to do the same. His video message to those interested in taking part can be viewed on Acquired Brain Injury Ireland's YouTube channel, here.


Registration for the third annual Step Up for Brain Injury campaign is open now. Participation is free – all that’s required is a simple sign-up via Facebook or JustGiving. All those registered will receive a free Acquired Brain Injury Ireland neck buff, and those who raise €150 or more will receive a commemorative ‘Step Up’ medal. Details about how to get involved can be found online at www.abiireland.ie


An estimated 120,000 people in Ireland are living with a disability as the result of an acquired brain injury. Every step taken as part of the ‘Step Up’ challenge and every euro raised will benefit those impacted, as well as their families and carers.


Acquired Brain Injury Ireland is the country’s leading provider of specialised, community-based brain injury rehabilitation services. The organisation’s mission is to empower and support people with a brain injury to live their fullest and most independent life, with confidence. This is made possible by vital donations, including through campaigns like ‘Step Up for Brain Injury’.




Media Contact

Aoife Lucey, Communications and Engagement Manager

alucey@abiireland.ie / +353 87 249 1332



Event Information: Step Up for Brain Injury


The Challenge: Walk, run, or jog 150,000 steps from January 1st – 31st, 2023.


How to Take Part: Registration is free and open now. Full details can be found at: abiireland.ie/events/stepup.


Each individual taking part will set their fundraising target at €150. To begin fundraising, participants will be required to join the Step Up for Brain Injury Facebook Group or to register on JustGiving.


All those taking part will be responsible for keeping count of their own steps, for example by using a pedometer app on a smartphone, or by using a smartwatch or Fitbit. Those ‘Stepping Up’ are invited to share their steps and fundraising efforts with photos and video through social media and with their own networks.


You can follow Paul McGrath’s ‘Step Up’ challenge at – 

Instagram: paulnumber5

Twitter: @paulmcgrath5


For more information:

Visit: abiireland.ie/events/stepup

Contact: Matt Powell, Community Fundraising Coordinator (mpowell@abiireland.ie / 086 410 3681)


About Acquired Brain Injury Ireland 

Acquired Brain Injury Ireland is the leading national provider of community-based neuro-rehabilitation services for people with an acquired brain injury and their families.  A brain injury can affect a person’s ability to manage their own life and Acquired Brain Injury Ireland works in communities across Ireland to support and empower people to rebuild their lives where they live. The not-for-profit organisation also campaigns, educates and advocates for the rights and needs of this hidden group in society. www.abiireland.ie

3) Media Consult 

Title: Ireland’s ‘Food Waste Heroes’ save more than 312,000 meals from going to waste

Author: Bernice Burnside 

Email delivery rate: 98.3%

Time of release: 14:49 on 30th December 2022

Coverage examples: 

A free local sharing app has prevented the equivalent of 312,000 meals from going to waste in just over a year.

Olio’s Food Waste Heroes have collected 131 tonnes of edible food in total from Tesco Ireland stores - or an average 6,000 meals a week - to redistribute for free throughout the country, since the app first partnered with the supermarket in November 2021.

An army of 1,800 volunteers have signed up to become Food Waste Heroes, with hundreds visiting Tesco Ireland supermarkets daily to collect unsold food that is still fit for consumption - and list it for free on the app so that others in the community can collect and consume it.

“With food waste often at its highest at this timeof year, it is great to see such an active community of people joining together to fight waste, while helping out their neighbours,” said Tessa Clarke, co-founder and CEO of Olio.

“Our partnership with Tesco Ireland has resulted in a massive 656,000 items of food being diverted from going to waste in just over a year.

“Food waste accounts for one-third of all greenhouse gas emissions and is the single largest emitting sector.

“If we are to fix the climate crisis, preventing food waste should be a priority.”

Fruit and veg (37%) accounted for the most shared items, followed by dairy and eggs (32%) and bakery (24%).

OLIO user, Gemma Scudder, 33, signed up as a Food Waste Hero in May and collects from four different Tesco Ireland stores in Dublin five days a week.

She has listed 1,868 food items to date and given products to 175 people, saving the equivalent of almost 23,000 meals and 7.2 million litres of water.

“We signed up thinking it could be a good way to make a few friends locally, while preventing food waste,” she said.

“We went from not knowing anyone in our locality to now knowing so many, so it’s been a massively positive experience, especially since I used to struggle with socialising and even just going out the door.

“Since we get to keep 10% of our collections, the savings to our food bill have also been beyond what we ever expected. Our €1,500 monthly spend on food is now only €400.”

After Dublin, Cork, Louth, Limerick and Waterford were the most active counties using Olio to share food with the app’s 72,000 Irish subscribers.

More than 1,800 people in Ireland have signed up to be Food Waste Heroes since November last year, with 534 collections made each week across the country.

“Tesco Ireland has been donating surplus food through our partnership with FoodCloud since 2014. Last year we made the decision to partner with Olio to help us expand our surplus food donations programme,” said Rosemary Garth, Communications Director, Tesco Ireland.

“This step was another major milestone towards helping us achieve our ambition to ensure that no good food goes to waste.

“Thanks to Olio and their team of flexible volunteers, in 2022 we were able to increase our Christmas food rescue efforts, making sure as much food as possible ended up feeding people in the communities that surround our stores." 

“Based on donations over the last year, we estimate that 2,400 meals will be rescued by Olio food waste heroes this Christmas Eve alone.”

The Olio app can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple app stores. The desktop version is also accessible via olioex.com.


Media information: 

Bernice Burnside, bernice@mediaconsult.ie, 087 233 7366

Available for interview: Tessa Clarke, Olio co-founder and CEO.

Captioned pics enclosed: https://we.tl/t-xmtSznxcnn

Sample captions:

Tessa Clarke, Founder and CEO of Olio, a free local sharing app that has saved the equivalent of over 312,000 meals going to waste over the past year in Ireland through its partnership with Tesco Ireland.

Olio Food Waste Hero, Gemma Scudder who signed up as a Food Waste Hero in May and collects from four different Tesco Ireland stores in Dublin five days a week. She has listed 1,868 food items to date and given products to 175 people, saving the equivalent of almost 23,000 meals and 7.2 million litres of water.


4) Department of Transport 

Title: Coast Guard responded to 2699 incidents in 2022

Author: Margaret Sherlock

Email delivery rate: 96.4%

Time of release: 11:58 on 30th December 2022

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For immediate issue

30 December 2022

Contact: Press Office, Department of Transport, Leeson Lane, Dublin, D02 TR60

Phone: +353 1 604 1090 / 604 1093


Coast Guard responded to 2699 incidents in 2022



The year in figures

  • August was the busiest month, with a 10% increase compared to 2021
  • The 44 Coast Guard Units were mobilised on 1141 separate occasions
  • Coast Guard Helicopters conducted 829 missions
  • Royal National Lifeboat Institution lifeboats were launched on 910 occasions
  • Community inshore rescue service was launched on 96 occasions
  • Critical assistance was provided to 559 persons


Today, Friday 30th December, the Irish Coast Guard publishes an end of year summary of statistics for the past year.  In 2022, the Irish Coast Guard (to date) coordinated responses to 2699 incidents which is the second highest number in 5 years. August was the busiest month with a 10% increase on the corresponding period in 2021. The incident count covers the range of services provided by the Coast Guard. These services are maritime search and rescue, maritime casualty and pollution preparedness and response. The Coast Guard also assisted An Garda Síochána in open country search and mountain rescue. Coast Guard also assists the National Ambulance Service in providing an Air Ambulance and Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) both inland and to the island communities.   


Minister of State with special responsibility for the Irish Coast Guard, Jack Chambers TD said: “As we reach the end of another busy year for the Coast Guard, I want to thank all of the volunteers and staff for their professionalism and commitment. I want to particularly recognise the work of the Watch Officers at Rescue Coordination Centres in Malin, Valentia and MRCC Dublin, and Coast Guard support staff who to their great credit maintained an uninterrupted service throughout the Covid challenge. I look forward to meeting with the staff and volunteers of the Coast Guard to see this work at first hand in the coming weeks.”


The capacity to Raise the Alarm and Stay Afloat, are central to the prevention of drownings at sea and on inland waterways. The Coast Guard’s core safety message Stay Afloat – Stay in Touch; highlights the importance of never engaging in any commercial or recreational boating activity without wearing a Life Jacket or Personal Flotation Device (PFD), coupled with a capacity to raise the alarm via means such as a VHF radio, Personal Locator Beacon or EPIRB. This should be supported by informing shore-based colleagues of intended activity and anticipated return time. Mobile phones should not be considered as a suitable substitute or be relied upon as the only means of emergency communication at sea. 

Public safety messaging continues to be promoted via the www.safetyonthewater.gov.ie website


If you see somebody in trouble on the water or along the coast, 

use marine VHF Ch 16 or dial 112 and ask for the Coast Guard.


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