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Europe: National News Desks Package

Expand your news reach: Share press releases with almost 1000 news desks in 33 European countries.

Access to Audiences at Scale

  • Reach international audiences effortlessly, ensuring your press release reaches news desks across Europe.
  • Connect with influential media outlets on an international scale.

Tailored for International Success

  • Easily customise your media contact packages by adding new media outlets across different territories.
  • Efficiently manage and access media contacts from various regions.
  • Seamlessly integrate contacts into your account, enhancing your global reach.

"MediaHQ helps the way we work and keeps us up to date with movements in the media. We need to get the right eyes on important stories."

Donal Gorman
Communications Manager
Médecins Sans Frontiers

Maximise Your Impact

Elevate your global media strategy by targeting the right audience across the world .

How it Works

Step 1

Access European Contacts

Gain access to Europe: National News Desks through the new  Europe: National News Desk feature.

Step 2

Select Your Territories

Have the flexibility to filter these contacts by any territory, making it easy to target specific regions.

Step 3

List Creation

Create and manage lists from these contacts, just like with any other contact list.

Step 4

Send out your Press Release

When ready, simply choose to attach these lists when sending your press releases.

Media relations without
the grunt work

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