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Our core package includes all key features for your PR needs

Media Contacts Database

Over 60,000 media contacts sorted into over 150 topics.

Press Release Distribution

Create press releases and easily distribute them to any contact on the database.

Powerful Search Function

Our intuitive search makes it simple to build contact lists based on your unique needs.

Reports & Analytics

Analyse the performance of each release you send in detail.

Media Movements Newsfeed

Keep track of key changes in the media industry without the hassle.

Media List Manager

Our smart list management tools mean your lists will always be up to date.

Kevin Cullinane

“The media contacts database is kept right up to date and the press release distribution tool couldn't be easier to use. It's also great to know that by using Media HQ, we are fully GDPR compliant.”

Kevin Cullinane
Group Head of Communications, daa PLC
Aoife Carragher

“When we send our press releases using MediaHQ, we know it is reliable. We can hit the right people at the right time at a national or local level. It gives us a level of trust and confidence that the press release is taken care of so that we can focus on the policy issues at hand. ”

Aoife Carragher
Communications Manager, Ombudsman for Children
Tracey Donaghey

“The process of sending out press releases is very straightforward, as is updating the mailing lists. When issuing press releases on a daily basis this really speeds up the process.”

Tracey Donaghey
Communications Officer, Ulster Farmers Union
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Smooth migration

Get up & running in 30 minutes

We’ll guide you to make sure that your migration & kickoff with MediaHQ is as smooth as possible.

Contacts Importer Tool

MediaHQ will automatically upload your contacts data, including contact properties, tags, segments and engagement stats.

Ready-made Lists

You can get your campaigns running in literally minutes. All you have to do is pick a ready made media list templates and make sure the contacts fits your needs.

Migration support

Our live support is available as soon as you pick up the phone —and they've got all the answers to make migration a breeze.

PR & Comms Teams use MediaHQ to make a splash in the UK & Ireland

Any doubts? We're here to help

Is MediaHQ GDPR compliant

The data we collect falls under the following categories of legal basis for processing personal data as outlined in Article 6 of the GDPR:

  • Journalistic Exemption
  • Legitimate interest
  • Consent
  • Performance of an official or public task
  • Vital Interest

MediaHQ files notes on every contact point where personal details (e.g. email address) are present. This note is time stamped and shows where the information was gathered from so you can be assured we are rigorously GDPR compliant.

I am interested, how can I show my peers it's a solid investment?

Are you interested in MediaHQ but not in charge of budgets? If yes, we can help. Simply invite the relevant colleague to the call so we can address their questions and show them how it will benefit them as much as it will benefit you.

Will my colleagues and I get any training?

Yes, your team will be assigned a personal customer success agent. They will organise a 30 minute training call and give you contact details for any ongoing help you need. There will always be a friendly voice at the other end of the phone if you need support.

How many releases per month make MediaHQ worthwhile?

This will vary depending on your objectives and the industry you are in. Some of our clients send fewer than three press releases per year. Others send more than three in one week. Once you have a couple of press releases to send out over the coming months you will see a return on investment for MediaHQ. If you only have one press release to send out, you might want to consider other avenues until your PR activities have scaled up.

Is it easy to switch from our current PR software?

Yes, we can have your account set up and team onboarded in a matter of hours. The system is extremely user-friendly. So no steep learning curve for your team. You'll be able to transfer your old contact lists to MediaHQ, or create new lists in seconds using our powerful search functionality. Your designated customer success agent will guide you along the way.

Can I transfer my existing media lists onto MediaHQ?

Yes, you can upload media and non-media contacts to your account via our CSV uploader. Your media contacts will be replaced with up-to-date MediaHQ versions of their profile. Your non-media contacts will be uploaded as ‘Own Contacts’.

How do I pay for MediaHQ?

We accept both credit and debit cards and we can liaise with your accounts/purchasing department if needs be. 

Media Relations without
the grunt work

Fresh media contacts at your fingertips. Send press releases at speed and analyse your results all inside MediaHQs PR software.