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MediaHQ is a media contacts database and PR distribution SaaS with API access, a research team and ability to launch new markets quickly. It can increase revenue, customer and wallet share for media intelligence and monitoring businesses.
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Offer a complete service with MediaHQ

Bringing media intelligence, media monitoring, and a media contacts database together in a seamless manner delivers additional value to your clients.

Building a media contacts database and Press Release software distribution tool from scratch is a significant undertaking and fraught with risk. Close the loop by bringing both of these key services under the one roof by plugging into MediaHQ today.

Why MediaHQ

Benefits of Partnering with MediaHQ

Joining a media contacts database and a media monitoring solution together seamlessly brings additional value to your clients. Enjoy a revenue split on upsell revenue without having to commit to a significant and risky capital expenditure on building a new tool from scratch.

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Media Contacts Research

We can build a media contacts database for any territory at speed. We will first complete a research requirements brief to meet your needs, then identify key data sources, before commencing research.

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Media Contacts Database

We can provide access to our current media contacts databases in Ireland, the UK and the Czech republic. We provide direct access, co-branding and API access.

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Search, List Building & PR Distribution

We provide tools that will allow your users to search thousands of contacts in seconds, build media lists and distribute from their own email address to journalists.

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Research Hub

Research Hub manages the process of turning millions of pieces of raw media data into usable contacts.

Our dedicated research team achieves this through managing automatic and manual sources, workflows and productivity tools.

Our Powerful API

Our API allows you to build media contacts into the services you offer your customers. Our API endpoints offer you a choice of options including:

  • Full integration - seamlessly offer contacts in your platform as part of your service.
  • White label access to our platform.
  • Co-branding access to our platform.
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Reporting Success

Our powerful reporting technology allows you to know when each press release was delivered, who read it and when - removing forever the doubt surrounding connecting your story with your audience.

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“A brilliant tool that eliminates manual management of journalists databases and more. The system cuts down manual journalist database management, enables seamless press release sending with reporting on the back of the sending and regular media updates on news and job changes in the media industry.”

Laura Wall
Group Account Director, PR & Advocacy, Thinkhouse

How to become a MediaHQ Partner

Step 1

Get in Touch

Reach out to MediaHQ's partnership team to express your interest in becoming a partner. Provide information about your company, services, and goals for the partnership.

Step 2

Evaluate Fit

MediaHQ will evaluate your company and services to determine if there is a good fit for partnership. If the fit is there, we will book a meeting with you and our team.

Step 3

Onboard & Launch

Once both parties agree on the partnership, MediaHQ will provide the necessary resources, training, and support to get your company onboarded and ready to launch.

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Maximise value for your clients by integrating media intelligence, monitoring, and contacts with MediaHQ. Save time and reduce risk by choosing the all-in-one solution.