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Upload your own contacts and expand your reach with our 60,000+ updated journalists.

Build your own smart lists

Filter contacts specific to each release by topic, region, media type and more.

Keep track of your network

Get alerts on who’s moved where and gain access the latest contact info.

Share with your team

No more mad scramble when a colleague goes on leave. Share lists anyone can access, any time.

Up-to-date Media Contacts  in MediaHQs PR Software

Keep your media contacts up to date

Notifications make it easy to follow media movements in your lists and make quick decisions on who stays and who goes.

Powerful sorting lets you see all your lists at a glance and effortlessly stay organised. Our new Favourites feature brings your go-to lists to the top of the pile and at hand for urgent press releases.

Fran Whearty

“MediaHQ allows me to create and distribute a press release within a couple of minutes which makes my job much easier. Their media contacts database is also great… I couldn't recommend it more!”

Fran Whearty
Communications Executive, The National Lottery

Save time creating media contact lists

Our research team works hard to create and update pre-populated lists. Use them as a foundation for your specific needs.

Sort lists, add to them, give them their own names and re-use them. You’ll never have to start from scratch again.

Upload and  merge contacts in MediaHQs PR Software
Share your own contacts in MediaHQs PR Software

Share own contacts with your team—or don't

Ditch the old painful way of managing media contacts for the fast, easy and secure MediaHQ way. You can even choose to share your own contacts and notes with your team, or keep them to yourself.

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