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Why a great headline is the only thing that matters

Because your job is to grab people’s attention.

Because you know people’s attention is completely shot from staring at mobile phones.

Because it’s should be the short-hand for your great idea.

Because it’s the easiest way to get people to take notice. Remember ‘Man bites dog’ beats ‘dog bites man’ every time.

Because if you can’t explain the story in 10 words or less then you should give up. Well, you know what I mean.

Because it’s always the first thing you should write. Don’t ever try and crowbar a headline on to a press release. It’s a great way to waste time.

Because it’s should be a neon sign that explains what your story is about.

Because it has to be a clarion call to rally people around your cause.

Because making the news is a piranha pit and a great headline means you have sharp teeth.

Because it’s the simplest way to get your audience to care.

Because because because… get on it, write a great headline before you do anything else.

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