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How AI is revolutionising pitching to journalists

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When you’re sharing your story with the media you have two options:
- Send it far and wide to as many journalists as possible.
- Pitch it with one or a select few journalists

If you decide to pitch, writing the perfect email is not just about how you write it, but also about targeting the right media contacts for your story.

Crafting a great pitch email is the key factor between success and failure, and is often the difference between great coverage and no coverage at all. Up to now sharp writing has been a skill of a select few in the PR and communications industry, but with the arrival of AI, that has all changed. 

In April 2023 I announced the launch of our first AI tool at MediaHQ; The ChatGPT Press Release Creator. By answering five simple prompts the press release creator can generate amazing headlines and a first draft of any press release. I decided it was time to apply what we learned to the art of pitch writing. 

We work closely with over 280 press office and communication teams and from speaking directly with them we noticed that they are sending out a lot of pitch emails to contacts. We wanted to offer a tool to our users that would help them craft the perfect pitch that would make the news.

A few months later, I am now thrilled to announce the launch of our latest AI tool: MediaHQ Pitch.

MediaHQ Pitch includes an AI Assistant, detailed reporting and precise contact targeting.

Overcoming Scepticism: Bridging the Gap

Adopting new technology can be met with scepticism. Some might wonder, "Can AI really understand the nuances of my pitches?" It's a valid question. Our tool isn't about replacing your unique touch; it's about enhancing it. The AI is here to make your life easier, not to complicate it. As you explore the capabilities of MediaHQ's AI-powered pitching tool, keep in mind that it's designed to seamlessly integrate into your workflow. It respects your expertise and serves as a reliable partner in your PR journey.

How it works

Step 1: Target the right journalist

Make sure that you are targeting the right person. We have made this very easy for you. We have all the information you need, in their easily searchable profiles, to ensure you are sending your pitch to the right media contact.

Step 2: Create the Perfect pitch using our AI pitch writing tool

MediaHQ Pitch is powered by AI and will help you craft the perfect pitch. You will be given key prompts which will help you shape your pitch. They include:

  • What is the main message?
  • What key messages would you like to include? 
  • Who is the press release about?
  • Choose a tone, 
  • Include quotes, 
  • Contact information, 
  • and your company boilerplate. 

The AI will work its magic and provide you with attention-grabbing headlines and it will refine your pitch in real-time. It will understand the context and assist in crafting better pitches, helping your pitch get coverage.

Step 3: Comprehensive pitch reporting

Like with your press releases, it’s important to see what is working and what isn’t working with your pitches. Which is why we have introduced comprehensive reports on the performance of your pitches. You will be able to access metrics such as engagement, clicks, opens, delivery rates and bounces. Additionally, you can easily share these reports with your colleagues and management.


MediaHQ Pitch marks a significant step forward in streamlining the process of media relations. As we embrace the future, I think it is important to recognise that technology is here to enhance our skills, not to replace them. The journey of crafting the perfect pitch and connecting with the right journalists remains at the core of our industry. MediaHQ's AI tool is a companion on this journey, offering efficiency, precision and insights to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of PR.


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