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How to power excellence in Media Relations - MediaHQ's September Research Report

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This blog is about accountability. Did you ever stop and think - “I’ve come a long way” or “So much has changed.”

The publication in this picture is how MediaHQ started. It was very analog but we know where we were going and were driven by a simple mission: “To help PR and communications professionals connect their stories with the widest possible audience.”

Delivering on this mission has meant building a world-class research effort. MediaHQ is now a world-class PR productivity tool that helps some of the best brands in the world to manage their media relations, eliminate grunt work and get their stories, press releases and pitches further, faster to more people.

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Here are the research highlights from September 2023

1. 97%+ Email Delivery Rate to Journalists:

This is our commitment to excellence is evident in our email delivery rates, consistently exceeding 97%. This ensures that your press releases and pitches reliably land in journalists' inboxes, enhancing the chances of visibility. We have launched a new bulk email verification tool to keep on top of those pesky bounces.

2.  1,492 Bounced Emails Fixed:

This means an end to the hassle of managing bounced emails. MediaHQ has resolved 1,492 such issues, ensuring our users stories consistently reach their intended recipients, saving valuable time and minimising frustration.

3. Europe: National News Desks Contacts Package Goes Live

We have now added almost 1,000 media contacts from prominent national print, broadcast, and online media outlets across Europe.

Send your story across all 27 EU countries as well as the UK, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Lichtenstein.

4. 2,670 Press Releases Delivered to 331,472 Journalists:

Leveraging MediaHQ's extensive databases and distribution capabilities, in September our users' stories now reach an expansive audience of 331,472 individual sends to journalists. This shows the power of great research to enable more media coverage for our users. This included huge news made by many of our clients including Skoda, National Lottery, Uisce Éireann

5.  7,532 General Media Updates:

We have built a dedicated team and world class software to keep contacts up to date. Our methods are agile and based on appropriate human intervention. Our database is built on a promise of being consistently accurate and current. This meticulous approach ensures you can build media and pitch lists always full of the right recipients

6.  Planning on the North American Database ramped up:

We have expanded our reach in our venture across the Atlantic. This month we completed the territory mapping and are testing new tools to help deliver our forthcoming North American database.

7. Julia Brennan Joined our Research Team:

The enthusiastic Bray native comes to us with a First Class Honours Degree in Journalism at Technological University Dublin and 6 months of experience in Public Relations with Michael J. Wright Group.

About MediaHQ

Designed for PR and Communications teams, MediaHQ is the all-in-one media contacts database and press release distribution software with the mission to connect your story with your audience.

It was founded by entrepreneur Jack Murray in 2009. Our cutting-edge software is the best, fastest and most accurate way to find the right journalists, build media and pitch lists in seconds, send press releases and get results.

The comprehensive MediaHQ database lists the details of over 60,000 journalists and media outlets across Ireland and the UK and is full of time-saving features.


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