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Introducing the ultimate Media Contact Discovery tool: MediaHQ Discover

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Some exciting news. The team at MediaHQ has been working on a truly groundbreaking piece of software for the last few months and I can now talk about it for the first time

I'm thrilled to introduce our latest feature, MediaHQ Discover. In a nutshell, MediaHQ Discover is a browser extension which will allow you to find the contact details of the author of any news article or content and add them to a list or pitch them directly. 

I started MediaHQ, with a simple mission to help professional PR and communications people to connect their stories with their audiences. We work with over 280 communication teams at MediaHQ and I am committed to discovering new and innovative ways to make their lives easier. 

Our research showed that many of our users are using multiple tools to manage their media relations activities. We wanted to solve that problem by finding a way to seamlessly integrate media monitoring tools with our media contacts database and press release distribution tool, and this was the start of the development of MediaHQ Discover.

Do you ever find yourself spending hours researching a contact to find their contact information. Maybe you are going back and forth between different tools to try to match contact details with contacts covering your stories.

The team at MediaHQ have been working on developing MediaHQ Discover for months and it is finally here, so how will it work? 

  • MediaHQ Discover will sit in your browser.
  • When you are reading an article or piece of content and you want to get more information on the journalist who published the article, you can match the journalist by clicking on MediaHQ Discover in your browser.
  • If this contact is on the MediaHQ database, a pop up screen will appear with their contact profile.
  • You will be able to see the contacts' full profile including Media Lists that they are currently on, press releases that you have recently sent to them and their contact details. You will also be able to add them to a list or send a pitch to them.
  • If a contact is not on the MediaHQ database no match will be found and you will be able to request for this contact to be added to MediaHQ. This request will go directly to our research team who will do some research and publish a contact profile for the contact on MediaHQ.


What does this mean for you?

Streamlined Workflow using this innovative PR tool:

With MediaHQ Discover there is no need to be switching between different PR tools, the browser extension means that you have everything at your fingertips with just one click.

Save Time researching media contacts 

MediaHQ Discover simplifies contact discovery. You can now effortlessly locate and add the contact details of any article journalists with just a click, reducing the time spent on desk research and grunt work.

Enhance your Engagement with Contacts

You will be able to enhance your engagement with journalists. When you are reading an article or piece of content MediaHQ gives you the ability to take immediate action; you can add them to relevant lists and send them targeted pitches with a deeper understanding of their preferences and coverage areas.

We are so excited for you to experience how this new feature will transform your workflow. We are committed to making your life easier when navigating the PR world and this is just the beginning of the exciting features that are to come this year. 

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About MediaHQ:

MediaHQ is a world-leading media contacts database and press release distribution tool. The software helps the world’s top PR and communications teams connect their stories with their audience.


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