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What did you achieve in the last year?

Did you

  • Build something new?
  • Get a new Job?
  •  Achieve something you’ve always wanted to? 

As we get deep into January, it's important to pause and reflect on the journey we've already undertaken. At MediaHQ, 2023 was a year filled with remarkable research achievements.

Here's a glimpse of the extraordinary research milestones the team at MediaHQ reached last year:

27,283 press releases sent: We've proudly assisted in-house PR and communications teams worldwide in connecting with their audiences and sharing their compelling stories.

3,533,277 emails delivered: Thanks to our meticulous topics tagging system, our users effortlessly discover the journalists they need to reach. With our email verification tools, we ensure that our users' messages land in the inboxes of the right recipients.

17,546 Bounced Emails Fixed: If a press release doesn't find its way into a journalist's inbox, our vigilant Research team springs into action. Whether it's a journalist's departure from the industry, a change in their role, or any other email delivery hiccup, we're on top of it.

37,394 Media Contacts Updated: Keeping our finger on the pulse of the media landscape is our forte. Our dedicated team harnesses cutting-edge software to ensure that the contacts in our databases remain current.

5,119 outlets updated: From newspapers and TV stations to radio stations, trade magazines, consumer titles, and online outlets, we keep an eagle eye on them all.

Not bad progress for 365 days of work.


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