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MediaHQ Launches ChatGPT, the AI-Powered Press Release Writer

ChatGPT AI Press Release Creator

The future is now

It’s not very often that you see years of technological advancement in a few short weeks, but that’s exactly what is happening with the arrival of ChatGPT. It is disrupting every industry and has proven that artificial intelligence will completely transform public relations and communications. 

MediaHQ has come a long way from where we began life in November 2006 as a publisher of a traditional printed media contacts directory. It seems like a couple of centuries ago.

For the past six weeks, the team at MediaHQ has been busy preparing our software platform for this massive leap forward.  And today I'm thrilled to announce our new ChatGPT AI press release writer. For the first time ever Artificial Intelligence will help MediaHQ users to write a press release. 

I truly believe AI-powered press releases are a game changer when used in tandem with other powerful technologies like MediaHQ. It will deliver quality headlines and press releases in a workflow, side by side with thousands of media contacts, press release distribution, detailed reporting and media relations productivity tools.

It will gift In-house PR teams and PR agencies thousands of hours of time on a PR function that is formulaic, yet often very inconsistently executed, which means it’s ideally suited to artificial intelligence. 

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Seven Key Prompts

This new MediaHQ press release writing feature is powered by the Completion API from Open AI and includes seven key prompts for the user to shape their press release. These are: 

  • What is the main message?
  • What three to five key messages would you like to include? 
  • Who is the press release about?
  • Choose a tone
  • Include quotes
  • Contact information
  • Company boilerplate

These prompts give real definition, and a consistent writing style to each press release and ensure that each story has the classic inverted pyramid structure common with all great news stories. The AI will also improve the sharpness of the message and the quotes given to it by making them more impactful on the audience.

The feature works in two phases. Firstly the user can give a few small details which will allow them to generate five possible headlines. They can then answer a number of additional prompts and get the full press release. 

What is the bigger picture for media relations?

It’s hard to believe that Artificial Intelligence writing press releases is only the beginning of the innovation with this technology. Today’s announcement is the first in a series of innovations that will completely change how media relations is conducted. 

Fast on the heels of this change, we will be adding collaboration tools to MediaHQ that will enable you to share your AI-generated press release with clients or colleagues for comment, revision and sign-off. This will make creativity in messaging and storytelling more open and collaborative. It will mean a smoother workflow and quicker outcomes which will lead to more positive media coverage. 

The next step is that the AI will be able to analyse the text of your story and suggest which journalists you should send it to. This will compare your key topics with the thousands of journalists in MediaHQ and then either perform an automatic search of the ones who cover your topic or suggest lists you have already built or lists that exist in MediaHQ’s Listhub library. 

Once in a blue moon, one innovation jumps a chasm that seems too large to even contemplate. It happened with electrification, radio, air travel, the arrival of the internet and the growth of social media. I believe in time this move towards Artificial Intelligence will be viewed in the same light. It will be challenging and cause significant upheaval, it should be questioned and scrutinised but I firmly believe if change is what you do not what happens to you then you will thrive. 

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