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press release 101: top 3 common mistakes to avoid

Common mistakes
Press Release 101" Here are the most common PR mistakes to avoid.

1) The headline isn't good enough

Your headline might just be the most important part of your press release. It needs to elicit emotions and actions from the reader. If you bore or confuse your audience within the first couple of seconds, chances are they're not going to read any further. However, if your headline is exciting or intriguing, you've got them hooked.

2) You're not providing enough information

Don't assume the journalist knows everything about who you are and what you do. Make sure you provide enough facts about the release. The first paragraph should introduce the company and the story angle. Journalists don't have time to Google your company and find out what you're offering. Make sure it's included in the release as well as contact details for further information.

3) There's too much over-hyped text

Text littered with exclamation marks is extremely irritating! While you may be excited about the story you're releasing, using an exclamation mark (or worse, using multiple) to highlight your point makes the press release look like it's a sales pitch, as well as being spammy. And anything that looks even remotely like spam will end up discarded quicker than you can type that second exclamation mark.

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