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To Make.

to make
What is the most powerful work that you’ve done? Mine is to make MediaHQ.

I’ve consulted for CEOs. I’ve worked for the Government, and advised senior politicians. I’ve written a business book. I’ve spoken at conferences around the world.

Nothing has made me happier than working with a small team of committed people to build the MediaHQ product.

And to find PR and communication people who are willing to exchange money for the things that we make.

Having a spark of an idea for what will make PR people’s lives easier and following it through is hugely satisfying. Especially when you’re the first customer for what you’re making.

When I was a public relations specialist  in politics I thought it was the peak. I got to work on communications plans for really important projects like health care, new jobs or infrastructure developments. I got to be in meetings when big decisions were being made and got to hear the big news before anyone else and had a hand in deciding how they heard it. But then you realise that you’re just there to advise. Sometimes I was listened to and sometimes I wasn’t. Great advice was often left unacted upon or press releases never shared. It was all just talk and there was nothing in the end.

Round this time in my career when anyone asked my late dad what I did he’d say “He’s selling talk above in Dublin.”

And ultimately that’s what it felt like.

I’m glad I did it. It set me up for my career and showed me the power of what I do now.

Nothing is as satisfying as making something. Make something that will last or join a team that’s making something. Get your work out into the world and get someone to believe in it.


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