Jan 24, 2024 11:45 AM

Escaping Excel Hell: A Practical Guide to Streamlining Media Contacts Updates

Join us as we delve into the challenges PR professionals face in managing media contacts using Excel. Discover the vital role efficient and up-to-date media contacts play in the success of PR and outreach campaigns. 

Our webinar offers alternative methods and practical tips to overcome Excel limitations. Explore real-world scenarios and testimonials from organisations that transitioned to PR software, showcasing improved efficiency and accuracy. 

Learn about modern tools, compare features, and gain insights into streamlining media contacts. With practical tips, case studies, and a Q&A session, empower yourself to transform your PR approach. 

Date: 24 Jan 2024

Time: 11:45 AM 

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes

What we will cover: 

Examining the downside of Excel Grunt Work:

We uncover the limitations inherent in Excel for managing extensive datasets. A detailed exploration into the laborious process of manual updates, with a specific emphasis on addressing problems like bounced emails and outdated information, provides insights into the real-world challenges faced by PR professionals.

Importance of Efficient Media Contacts:

We will look at the vital role of current and accurate media contacts in the success of PR and outreach initiatives. We delve into the repercussions of inefficient contact management, especially concerning issues like bounced emails and outdated information, on the overall effectiveness of campaigns.

Exploring Alternative Methods:

An introduction to contemporary tools and platforms for media contacts management sets the stage for a comprehensive comparison with Excel. We highlight features, usability, team collaboration and efficiency, emphasising how these alternatives, particularly MediaHQ, offer relief from the challenges of fixing bounced emails and outdated information.

Practical Tips for Streamlining Media Contacts:

Offering a step-by-step guide on transitioning from Excel to a more efficient system, we cover crucial aspects such as exporting existing contacts, selecting the right alternative tool, importing and organising contacts, and setting up automated updates. The focus remains on addressing specific challenges like bounced emails and outdated information, accompanied by best practices for maintaining clean and accurate media contact lists.

Case Studies:

Detailed case studies of organisations successfully implementing the shared tips serve as concrete examples of overcoming challenges related to bounced emails and managing outdated information. Before-and-after scenarios highlight the time and efficiency improvements achieved, particularly in addressing the challenges associated with inaccurate data.

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Webinar Host

Jack Murray

CEO of MediaHQ
Jack is a media innovator with over 20 years’ experience in the Irish communications industry. As the CEO and founder of MediaHQ - a media contacts database and press release distribution platform, he has worked in marketing, journalism and media relations. He is a former political spokesperson and government advisor, as well as an award-winning corporate PR practitioner. His first book The Magic Slice - How to Master the Art of Storytelling for Business is an Amazon bestseller. He lives in Dublin with his wife Alison, their two daughters and a dog called Badger Lopez.


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jack murray headshot
Jack Murray
CEO of MediaHQ
Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Media HQ helps the team at MediaConsult to manage a fast-moving newsroom operation with the minimum of fuss, on behalf of our clients. It is packed with practical, user-friendly features which allow us to get stories where we need to in a scheduled and structured manner. I would recommend it to companies of any size.

Darren Hughes
Managing Director

With responsibility for water and wastewater services, it's important we react quickly and get information to our customers without delay. Media HQ facilitates our team get the information out with absolute ease no matter where we are across local and national media. We issue press releases every day to every corner of the country. I'd have no hesitation recommending MediaHQ with its contact management system brilliantly well equipped with both national and regional media contacts.

Darragh Murphy
Head of Media Relations
Uisce Éireann

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