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New Webinar: Escaping Excel Hell: A Practical Guide to Streamlining Media Contacts Updates

Are you still using Excel to manage your media contacts? 2024 is the time for change. You’re wasting time fixing bounced emails and on data entry and really not getting the coverage you should.

Join Jack Murray  for our free webinar on the 24th of January, where he will talk about the best ways to manage your media contacts in 2024:
"Escaping Excel Hell: A Practical Guide to Streamlining Media Contacts Updates"

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How do you know if you’re in Excel Hell?

  • You manually update Excel to keep your media lists up to date. 
  • You find new media contacts from analog sources like printed directories. 
  • You have no way to quickly and easily update media lists or build new ones.
  • You spend your time not fixing a growing number of bouncing emails.
  • Your media lists are not GDPR Compliant. 

What to expect

  • We will identify the pain experienced by PR professionals using Excel to manage their media contacts. 
  • We will identify the common arguments made against changing this inefficient process. 
  • We will showcase how you can efficiently manage your media contacts with no manual grunt work and eliminate problems like outdated contact information and bounced emails.
  • We  will highlight how to get more coverage through efficient contact management. 
  • We will introduce you to innovative modern tools to help with team collaboration, ease of use and better efficiency instead of relying on Excel. 

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Everything you need to know

Topic:  "Escaping Excel Hell: A Practical Guide to Streamlining Media Contacts Updates"

 Date: 24th January

Time: 11:45 AM 

Duration: 60 mins 

Start your 2024 off on the right foot and escape that Excel hell! 

Join me on the 24th of January for an interactive session that will help you manage your contacts better, improve your PR performance and get better results.  You do not want to miss out. 

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